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What is Risk Management?

February 16, 2017
Risk Management… we hear this term quite frequently thrown about in our current business environment.  Marketing, insurance, warranties and sales are a few aspects of… Read More

Home Builders Need to Keep Sites in Sight!

February 9, 2017
Nashville home builders have enough buildable sites to last for about a year. After that, prices will skyrocket—unless developers can catch up. As it is,… Read More

5 Ways to Show Homeowners Love after Closing

February 2, 2017
The final nail has been hammered, the last coat of paint has dried and the mountain of paperwork has been signed. Your client has moved… Read More

WHITE PAPER: The Court of Public Opinion Is In Session

January 30, 2017
When ice enveloped the outlets and wood floors of Jennifer Wyton’s Northern Illinois home, she discovered her brand-new house was missing insulation. Unhappy with her… Read More

PWSC Kicks Off the New Year at IBS 2017

January 23, 2017
NAHB’s International Builders’ Show (IBS) 2017 wrapped up last week in Orlando, Florida. Professional Warranty Service Corporation (PWSC) was thrilled to be involved in the… Read More

Is New Home Technology in Your Future?

January 17, 2017
Think about how much time you spend each week digging for your house keys. Or watering plants. Or making grocery lists. Or running back home because… Read More

Home Building Trends: What to Expect in 2017

December 22, 2016
Recent 2017 housing construction predictions all point to a year of slow but steady improvement, punctuated by exciting new developments in home efficiency and technology.… Read More

PWSC-Commissioned Independent Homeowner Survey Yields Noteworthy Results

December 14, 2016
CHANTILLY, VA – December 15, 2016 – Earlier this fall, Professional Warranty Service Corporation (PWSC) commissioned an independent, 3rd-party, blind consumer survey to find out… Read More

Arbitration vs Litigation – There IS a Difference!

December 9, 2016
The topic of the month ~ shall we call it “anger management”?  No, we will call it Risk Management!  Sadly, in this world of technology,… Read More

Building Confidence in a Changing Climate

December 6, 2016
A newly built home in Seattle, Washington has been built to withstand a disaster of seismic proportions. Made of concrete, that earthquake resistance exceeds local… Read More