Empower Your Homes with Strong Protection that Sells

In homebuilding, you need to justify every expense in terms of the benefits it provides. That’s easy to do when it comes to the windows, doors, appliances and other tangible products that your customers will see. You’ve spent your professional life learning to distinguish levels of quality in the materials you use and balancing the cost of quality with the corresponding benefits.

That evaluation process becomes a little trickier when it comes to intangible value — and especially insurance. Shopping for insurance can be a major hassle, although necessary because of the tremendous liability involved in the industry. Plus, the only time you benefit is when you have a problem. When everything goes smoothly — when all your customers love you, when all your employees and subs perform their work as if they owned the company, when your buyer’s expectations match your ability to provide their dream home — when all of this is true, insurance is just an expense you wish you didn’t have to deal with.

Unfortunately, your world never stays perfect for long. You know you need to protect yourself from the unavoidable risks of homebuilding, so why not invest in an insurance product that can be a real benefit — and not just an expense?

Professional Warranty Service Corporation (PWC) offers home builders a 10-year Insured Builder Warranty Program, as well as additional quality products, for builders who care about the details. It’s for builders who know that when they invest in a product, they will eventually have to use it — and they want to know it will deliver what it promised when that time comes. And what’s more, it’s a product that you can use to sell homes. Insured warranties are important to new homebuyers, but in the heat of home hunting, buyers may forget to ask about the intangible features. Warranties don’t sell homes — they create trust. Trust makes the prospect want to do business with you, and that sells homes!

Signature Product

10-Year Insured Builder Warranty Program
Did you know that more than 89% of new homebuyers would like their builder to provide an insured warranty, but only 30% of new homes sold have one? This is an opportunity representing almost 60% of the market that could be seized by builders who effectively market their insured warranty!

PWC’s signature program consists of a ten-year written warranty backed by an A+ rated insurance company. The PWC program benefits builders with detailed performance standards, an informal dispute settlement resolution system to resolve warranty complaints, easy transferability and no claim fee or deductible for the consumer. A tremendous benefit to your customers, PWC’s program can be used as a valuable sales tool for builders. Find out more [here].