Legal Updates

WHITE PAPER: Legal Changes Affect New Home Builders & Construction Industry

August 31, 2017
Home buyers are scrambling to find affordable entry level homes as the already low supply continues to decrease. On the surface, it seems like a… Read More

In South Carolina, the Right to Cure Really Means Something

June 8, 2017
South Carolina, like at least thirty-one other states, has a “right to cure” statute applicable to residential construction defect claims. The South Carolina Notice and… Read More

S.C. Supreme Court Enforces Broadly Worded Arbitration Provision in Builder’s Warranty

November 18, 2016
The Supreme Court of South Carolina recently made it clear that if a home warranty includes an arbitration provision, then all claims may be subject… Read More

Statute of Repose Trumps Warranty Period Says Arbitrator

June 1, 2016
A Florida builder recently arbitrated an interesting defense to a homeowner’s claim under the builder’s long term warranty. At the time the builder issued its… Read More

Verdict In: PWSC’s Home Builder’s Limited Warranty Arbitration Provision Takes Priority

May 17, 2016
If you are a builder constructing or a home buyer purchasing a home (such as a single-family home, condo, or townhouse) in a planned, covenanted… Read More