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Builders Should Brace for More Construction Defect Litigation

June 3, 2021
“It won’t happen to us.” The famous last words of home builders right before “it” happens: the catastrophic claim that wipes out profits, sucks up… Read More

WHITE PAPER: What Do Home Buyers Want from Builders?

May 22, 2018
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Entry-Level Homes Rebound in 2018 with the Help of Warranties

April 5, 2018
When an improving economy unleashed a flood of new home buyers several years ago, most builders looked toward the luxury home market, as the market… Read More

Builders Boost Confidence with Home Warranties & OSHA Silica Compliance

March 22, 2018
Dust can plague even the cleanest building sites, covering every surface in a layer of grime and threatening construction workers’ health. But not all dust… Read More

Home Builders’ Confidence Grows with 2018’s Housing Market Momentum

March 15, 2018
Builders at Allen Homes in South Dakota barely had time to lay the foundations on its new home before buyers snapped them up. Arizona builder,… Read More

Home Building in 2018: What Does the Future Hold for Builders & Buyers?

October 5, 2017
After the intense competition and skyrocketing home prices of the past couple years, the housing market’s recovery is expected to continue at a slower and… Read More

Investors & Lenders See Single-Family Home Building Outpacing Multifamily

September 14, 2017
 To own or to rent? It’s a question a lot of Americans are pondering these days—and not just when it comes to where they live.… Read More

WHITE PAPER: Legal Changes Affect New Home Builders & Construction Industry

August 31, 2017
Home buyers are scrambling to find affordable entry level homes as the already low supply continues to decrease. On the surface, it seems like a… Read More

U.S. Home Builders are Benefitting from Foreign Home Buyers

August 24, 2017
Something’s driving the escalating demand for homes—and it’s not just local buyers. As housing markets become increasingly international, a growing number of foreign buyers are… Read More

As Bankruptcies Disappear Home Buyers Reappear

July 20, 2017
After suffering a 20 percent pay cut during the recession, residential construction manager Rick LeBlanc fell behind on his monthly mortgage payments. Unable to sell,… Read More