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HomeOwner Platform (HOP)

Make a Meaningful Impression On Your Buyers With HOP, Our HomeOwner Platform

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SystemsBuilt_illustration-150x149Forget that static, old-fashioned 3-ring binder, CD or flash drive and let HOP give you an interactive solution that allows you to transfer all of your new home information to your homeowners online with a simple web link. Powered by Uplined and easy to use, you simply set up the specs for each of your home models once.  As homes sell, you will assign each new address to the right template, saving you time and the hassle of paper copies! Not only will your buyers be impressed with their new home, but how they engage with it and with YOU!

Take a look at how easy HOP is to implement into your closing process and start revolutionizing your homeowner engagement!

Homeowners will open HOP and immediately recognize your company branding. They will have access to all of their home’s important information at any time through their own unique and secure account. As they manage their home through monthly maintenance reminders with a service team easily identified, you reduce warranty calls and encourage them to develop their home’s history while truly becoming homeowners.

As they are in their home longer, your homeowners may utilize their site for any type of life maintenance and storage.  Use the system folders that exist or create your own. Upload photos, kids report cards, medical records, insurance policies and resumes.  Scan in receipts, and log contacts for all areas of your life from doctors to teachers to lawn care and car maintenance providers.  All of their go-to people, in addition to those they would contact for home maintenance and repair, are all in one database with the actual tracking for the regular maintenance and repair that is completed on their home.

Let your PWSC Sales Director or Account Manager know you would like a demo account set up and we can get this interactive platform kicked off for you today!

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