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NEW! Insurance Claims Management (ICM)


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PWSC has been gathering feedback from key industry members: builders, insurance carriers and brokers, suppliers, lawyers and consultants to drive the creation of new products and services that truly solve problems and transform the home-building ecosystem.  As a part of our new ClearView Risk Services program, PWSC now offers Insurance Claims Management Services (ICM) to manage a builder’s risk from issuing the warranty to resolving claims, and tracking and reporting claims, warranty and legal spending for proper insurance reimbursement. As a carrier-approved TPA and a builder’s single repository for all claims data, PWSC provides builders with key management information for claims nationwide, including claim and defect trends as well as high risk construction practices.  We also equip builders and their insurance carriers with standardized, quarterly reporting, ensuring timely and proper claims data, analyzing SIR erosion tracking, and identifying insurance recoveries owed.

Additionally, with PWSC’s full service ICM solution, builders receive:

  • Expert assistance in interpreting their GL policies for hidden benefits as well as critical requirements
  • TPA claims shepherding with detailed protocol for adversarial construction defect and bodily injury claims
  • A bodily injury claims intake process and checklist guaranteeing consistency in BI claims reporting
  • Insights on claims evaluation, ongoing settlements, insurer data interpretation, and common pitfalls to avoid

Utilized in conjunction with PWSC’s Quality Construction Pledge (QCP), this risk management program’s core principle is to provide a clear path to manage and mediate customer expectations and disputes, and then empower both builders and carriers with the data necessary to evaluate claims practices and a builder’s overall risk profile.

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