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Home Builder Warranty FAQS


General Warranty Questions

I’ve never had a serious issue. I set aside funds to handle warranty issues. Why should I consider an insured warranty program?

An average structural defect cost is $30,000 to correct. A structural warranty prevents against catastrophic loss for builders as well as your homeowners.

Aren’t all warranty programs pretty much the same as the next?

PWSC’s warranty products are different. Our Signature 10-Year insured Builder’s Limited Warranty is backed by an A+/XV-rated member of Zurich North America Group and provides layers of protection to you as a builder. Our HBLW product is a cost-efficient, time-saving option for volume builders and may be integrated into your general liability policy. The HomePRO Systems & Appliance warranty is also backed by an A-rated insurance company and protects your homeowners from unforeseen repair costs after purchasing a home. All PWSC-administered warranties truly allow you to manage your risk.

PWSC-Administered Warranties

Is your warranty approved for HUD, USDA, VA, Rural Housing?

Yes, Professional Warranty Service Corp is approved by HUD for FHA and VA financed homes. PWSC is approved by USDA in most states. Please email Customer Support or call 800.850.2799 to verify your state is approved.

What is covered under the warranty for builders?

In Year One, the builder warrants that materials and workmanship will conform to tolerances set out in the Performance Standards of the warranty. In Year Two, the operation of the home’s major systems are covered based on the Performance Standards. In Years 3-10, the home’s structural elements are covered.

Is mold excluded from the warranty? Are there any situations where mold would not be excluded?

It depends. Under the Signature 10-Year Builder’s Limited Warranty, pollutants and their cause are not covered in most instances. However, if mold is caused by a covered defect, mold remediation and its cause would likely be covered.

Do you have a program whereby PWSC handles the warranty callbacks?

Yes . Please contact the Regional Sales Director for your state. Click on Find a Sales Director for more information.

Do you have a warranty program for commercial buildings?

Not at this time, but please Contact Us if you have an interest.

Do you have a remodeler program?

Not at this time, but please Contact Us if you have an interest.

Do you have a Systems and Appliance Warranty for New Construction?

Yes. The HomePRO New Construction Plan is available and provides 3 years of Platinum coverage (in Years 2-4) for one low price. See our HomePRO Systems & Appliance Warranty for more information.

Do you have a Systems and Appliance Warranty that I can offer to potential buyers who are trying to sell their current home?

Yes. The HomePRO Systems & Appliance Warranty has several coverage options, Gold or Platinum, depending on the need, for those trying to buy or sell a home. See our HomePRO Systems & Appliance Warranty for more information.

Becoming a PWSC Builder.

What is required to participate in your warranty program?

Only builders with high quality and service levels, sound finances and proven experience become PWSC builders. For approval in the PWSC Signature 10-Year Builder’s Limited Warranty Program and Home Builder’s Limited Warranty programs(HBLW), our builders must pass our stringent underwriting process. Once approved you get the layers of warranty coverage and the benefit of world-class customer service and claims teams to handle questions and concerns as they arise. To get started, with the Signature product, fill out the Builder Application and email it to If you interested in the HBLW product, contact Mark Eller.

Who is the warrantor?

The builder is the warrantor of the builder warranty and responds to warranty service requests during the first two years of coverage. However the insurer is responsible for the builder’s warranty obligation in years 3-10.

I have more questions. How do I find my local sales director?

Click on Find a Sales Director and locate your state to identify the appropriate sales contact.

Important PWSC Builder Info

Do I need to enroll all of my homes with PWSC? Why?

Yes, as a PWSC Program participant, the builder represents that each home it sells will be covered by their PWSC-administered Builder’s Limited Warranty. Each of the builder’s home buyers may be confident that they will receive warranty protection for their home.

How do I find my builder ID number?

The builder ID # is located within your welcome packet or on your monthly Activity Statement. If you do not have your welcome packet please contact 800.850.2799.

What is the Builder Portal?

We give you access to enroll homes online through the Builder Portal. Also available via this portion of the website, is online ordering of PWSC Marketing material, both standard and customized. From the Builder Portal page, you may access both of these sites using your Builder ID as your username and password.

Home Enrollment

How do I register a home?

We offer a variety of options to enroll or register homes: online, fax, email and live. Please contact us at 800.850.2799 for assistance, or simply log on to the Builder Portal at the top of our website using your Builder ID as both your username and password.

How long does it take to enroll a home?

It only takes minutes to receive fees and approval numbers prior to closing. On or after closing you must complete the registration form and payment and submit to PWSC. A validation form will be mailed directly to the homeowner within two to four weeks.

How much does it cost to enroll a home?

The fees are on a per-thousand dollars of the home sale price rate, based on volume and experience of the builder. Please contact the Regional Sales Director for your state or contact Customer Support via email or by calling 800.850.2799 for further details.

Where do I mail warranty enrollment payments?

Professional Warranty Service Corporation
P.O. Box 800
Annandale, VA 22003

When do I mail the registration form to you?

You should mail the original white copy immediately after closing along with payment.

When will the home buyer receive the warranty documents?

The home buyer will receive your warranty documents 2-4 weeks after closing.

When are enrollment fees due? Does PWSC invoice me?

For our PWSC Signature insured Builder’s Limited Warranty program, fees are due within 15 days after closing. Yes, PWSC sends you an Activity Statement. For the HBLW and Administration-Only warranty products, we invoice you once per month.


If I have a claim under the warranty, will my enrollment rate go up?

For the Signature 10-Year Builder’s Limited Warranty, the qualifying builder upon initial application submission is advised of his / her rate by the Regional Sales Director. At each annual renewal, the participating builder will have their past PWSC enrollments reviewed for homeowner complaints, mediations, arbitration and claims. Based on the result (loss ratio), a rate may stay the same, increase or be reduced.

Who handles calls related to my PWSC warranty? What is the process for keeping me in the loop if PWSC receives a call?

PWSC handles all calls. Our PWSC Customer Service and Claims teams are equipped to answer any call, question or concern that a builder or homeowner may have.

If PWSC receives a call from a homeowner, and if the complaint is in the Year One or Year Two time frame, and the call relates to the Signature 10-Year insured Builder’s Limited Warranty, in most cases the builder is responsible to respond to the homeowner’s concerns. Our customer service team will put the homeowner in touch with the builder. If the written complaint is received at PWSC’s Office and the builder has no knowledge of the complaint, PWSC will provide a copy to the builder requesting the builder’s position related to the concern submitted by the homeowner. One exception might be if the builder has paid for Day One coverage under the Insured Builder’s Limited Warranty Program or under the Modular or Manufacturer’s Program.

If I have a dispute with one of my home buyers, whom can I contact for assistance?

The participant in any of the programs administered by PWSC may contact the Regional Sales Director for information on the dispute settlement process. The builder may call a PWSC Claims Representative as there may be instances that the builder may need counsel. Much depends on where the property is, the type of dispute and any special circumstances surrounding it. See answer above.

What if a homeowner sells their home and forgets to transfer the warranty, and there is a claim by a second or third homeowner later?

Prior to filing a claim the PWSC agent works with the home to transfer the warranty.

If I have a claim, does PWSC ask me to pay for all or part of the repair?

If the claim relates to the Signature 10-Year Builder’s Limited Warranty and there is no builder deductible or SIR, the answer will usually be “No”, but if the builder is experiencing a high number of claims in a single year, the builder might wish to buy down their claims to save on the rate or maintain active participation.

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