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Homeowner Warranty FAQs



Buying a Warranty

Can I purchase a structural warranty for my home?

PWSC does not offer a direct to consumer structural warranty product. The builder of your home may contact PWSC for details on participating in the warranty program. PWSC does offer the HomePRO Warranty, with several plan options that cover the major systems and appliances in your home.

Can I purchase a Systems and Appliance Warranty?

The HomePRO Systems & Appliance Warranty is available and provides coverage for the major systems and appliances in your new home, whether it is newly constructed or a resale. It may be purchased at anytime, not just at point-of-sale and may also help sell your home as an additional differentiator. Enroll Now or call 877-877-1094.

Builder Warranty Questions

What is the builder’s role and responsibility?

The builder and/or contractor designated by the builder is responsible for providing services to the home for covered deficiencies, defects and structural failures during specific timeframes of the coverage. The builder is also responsible for advising the homeowner of coverage under the limited warranty programs.

What is the role of PWSC?

As the Administrator of your new home builder’s limited warranty program, we are responsible for providing certain administrative services to the builder and homeowners. If a dispute arises, we would be able to assist with the dispute process, mediation and/or binding arbitration. We also assist the insurer with the claims process. However, we are not responsible for servicing the home or advising the homeowner of coverage.

What does the Warranty cover?

The Limited Warranty programs cover the home for what is describes as construction defects, deficiencies and/or structural failures. The Home Builder’s Limited Warranty (HBLW) allows for a more broad term of coverage while the Signature Builder’s Limited Warranty has very specific coverage periods for different components of construction. These warranties should not be confused with a home maintenance program or systems and appliance warranty, like the HomePRO Warranty.

Does a deductible apply to the warranties?

While some warranties are insured, Limited Warranties are not insurance policies. They are warranty programs which provide for correction of warranted defects from the builder. There is no deductible to the homeowner and no money should ever exchange hands, except in cases where the disputing parties initiate the arbitration process or when a claim is processed.

Why should I not make voluntary payments?

The warranty requires the builder to perform services to the home that involves covered losses for specific periods. Unless there is an emergency, written approval must be obtained from the builder or the insurer prior to having services performed.

How do I find my warranty number?

Your warranty number is located in the left corner of your Warranty Validation Form. If you do not have your Warranty validation form please contact PWSC’s customer service online via the Customer Support button at the top of our website or by calling 800.850.2799.

How do I transfer the warranty?

Complete the Subsequent Home Buyer Acknowledgment Transfer Form that is located in the warranty booklet and return to PWSC along with proof of purchase (HUD-1).

How do I get a copy of my warranty booklet?

Please call 800.850.2799 or email Customer Support at customersupport@pwsc.com.

Can I pay to extend the warranty coverage?

PWSC does not offer an extension of the structural warranty coverage. However we do offer an extended warranty for systems and appliances – the HomePRO Systems & Appliance Warranty. Click here for more information.

What if I did not receive my original warranty documents?

Please contact PWSC Customer Support at 800.850.2799 or email us at customersupport@pwsc.com.

If I have a claim, who do I call?

If you have any questions or concerns with your home, it is best practice to contact your builder first. In most cases, you should work with your builder to resolve any issues, especially within the first two years. In years 3-10 of your builder warranty, PWSC may provide support and information as needed.

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