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Richard Wood, Executive Vice President

As PWSC’s Executive Vice President with over thirty years of Construction Defect claims experience, Richard Wood manages all functions and personnel related to the warranty claims process and customer service. As one of the founding members of PWSC, he joined the company in 1995 as a sales director and in 1998 helped establish the Company’s Claims and Dispute Settlement Department. His career began at John Hancock supervising the administration of key accounts.  He spent two years with National Rural Electric Corporative Association (NRECA) as manager of the Retirement Security and Insurance Department. Through his own entrepreneurial endeavors, he created a small group of businesses involved in money management, stationary and gift shops, VISA documentation services, and Tax Services for small business and individuals.  From those connections, Mr. Wood was introduced to HOW, the flagship home warranty company which launched his career in the warranty industry. Since that time, Dick has been an industry thought leader and instrumental in PWSC’s success as a service-minded, risk management company handling all of the mediation, arbitration and claims mitigation efforts for America’s largest tier of domestic residential construction firms.