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Russ Weaver, Senior Vice President of Operations

As the Senior Vice President of Operations, Russ Weaver oversees day-to-day operations to support the company’s growth and add to the bottom line of the organization.  Russ has extensive experience in the service contract and warranty space, starting his career as a Business Manager at New Electronics Warranty (NEW) and subsequently working as the Senior Director of Client Services for Asurion. There, Russ managed some of the most challenging client engagements, including Walmart and Best Buy.  Prior to PWSC, Russ served as the General Manager of the Sears Home Warranty program where he oversaw all aspects of the business, including product development, sales, program operations, and profit & loss management.  He is a results oriented individual with a proven track record of leadership and excellence, bringing tremendous breadth of experience to the PWSC team.