Builder-Backed Warranties

Add confidence to your construction. Professionally administered home builder warranties confirm work quality and protect profits. They offer the best way to balance construction standards with homeowner satisfaction.

This small investment yields big returns when it comes to outperforming competitors and impressing buyers.

Why It Works

Third-Party Expertise

PWSC offers more than 100 combined years of homebuilding expertise. We have hired the industry’s best talent from the most reputable builders to bring industry knowledge and experience to everything we do.

Reliable Data

We provide a blueprint for managing current claims and avoiding future ones. PWSC empowers builders with construction defect claims data to identify trends and lower their overall risk profile.

Modern Methodologies

Considering the needs of builders, homeowners, and insurers pushes PWSC to go beyond the “basic warranty.” We infuse a proven dispute resolution process with a modern mindset to keep everyone focused on the home.

Customer Satisfaction

Lower costs don’t equate to lower customer satisfaction scores. Our construction experts help educate homeowners and set expectations on repair needs and the process, allowing for better understanding and increased customer satisfaction.

Limit Litigation

Mass & class actions are a growing problem, but warranty programs rarely address them. PWSC takes the problem head-on with proven warranty language that encourages a mutual resolution between buyer and builder.

Stay Connected

About half of all warranty claims come from second and third homeowners. Our property title tracking gets ahead of these claims by recognizing changes in home ownership, allowing builders to form a relationship with that new homeowner.


Tailored Solutions With Your Budget In Mind

Combine with...


Say “goodbye” to the hassles of first and second-year claims calls. Offer real-time, white-glove concierge care for addressing homebuyer questions, concerns, and issues. PWSC offers two levels of FirstLink service. Through our partnership with BBSG, we can go beyond call handling to coordinate subcontractor response. Get in touch to learn more.

System & Appliance Warranties

How We Compare

PWSC The Rest
Early Resolution PWSC facilitates more opportunities for builders and buyers to resolve a dispute than any other program. With detailed claims intake protocols, multiple opportunities for mediation, and in-home evaluations, PWSC goes further to keep everyone out of the courtroom and away from the arbitration table.
On-Site Mediation & Arbitration PWSC’s mediations and arbitrations occur on-site, keeping everyone focused on resolving real defect issues. Other programs take arbitration off-site, where the settlement amount becomes the primary focus.
Expert Evaluations PWSC’s team of home experts bring neutral construction expertise to the dispute resolution process. Our team is full of experienced professionals with real experience building homes and running warranty programs for some of America’s top home builders.
Clear Expectations PWSC’s warranty language includes clear and measurable standards that help builders and homeowners understand exactly what should be covered. Other programs use vague terms like “unsafe”, “unsanitary”, and “unlivable” to define covered structural failures, leaving room for interpretation.
Simple Language Our warranty document is written at an 8th grade reading level. Other documents can be full of complicated legalese that may be deemed “incomprehensible” and therefore “unenforceable” in the courtroom.
Protection From Mass & Class Actions While other programs only briefly acknowledge mass & class actions or ignore them altogether, PWSC disallows mass & class actions explicitly with language that has been proven effective in even the most litigious states.
Ability To Customize Not all homes are the same, and not all warranties should be the same either. PWSC offers more flexibility than other programs with opportunities to customize warranty language, administration protocols, and claims data & reporting.
Tracking Of Subsequent Homeowners PWSC’s Property Title Tracking is the only program of its kind. With about half of all warranty claims coming from secondary homeowners, this program plays a critical role in keeping builders connected to whoever owns a home throughout its entire warranty period.