System & Appliance Warranties

Raise customer satisfaction. Lower operating costs. A HomePRO extended systems and appliance warranty complements manufacturer and builder coverages as a safeguard against unexpected, expensive repairs. HomePRO keeps nearly everything under the roof running so homeowners—and builders—can relax.

Why It's Worth It

Competitive Advantage

Homeowners feel safe and secure with extended systems and appliance warranties. The added protection differentiates homes from the competition helping buyers go from shopping to “sold!”

Homeowner Satisfaction

When builders provide system and appliance warranties, buyers maintain their confidence in their home and in their builder, even when things go wrong. With buyer expectations at an all-time high, a little extra goes a long way.

Perfect Pairing

Extended system and appliance coverage complements a builder’s structural warranty, offering homeowners foundation to fridge protection on their largest investment from a trusted home partner.

Home Warranty Expertise

PWSC’s team of experts know homes and warranties better than anyone. Our decades of construction experience, thorough communication, and flexible options make us more than a warranty provider. We are a true partner.

Brand Recognition

Whether you include this additional coverage as a buyer value-add or simply market HomePRO coverage to your buyers, your brand stays top-of-mind and in a positive light, even when things aren’t working like they should.

Thoughtful Execution

Access our extensive network of licensed, responsive service providers, or easily add your subcontractors to the HomePRO network for first right of refusal when a service request comes in from one of your homeowners.


Options Available At No Cost To Builder

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Tailored Solutions With Your Budget In Mind

What's Covered?

PWSC Warranty Cover Home Diagram

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Whether you are a builder, property manager, insurance agent, or homeowner, our team of home experts is available to discuss your needs, your wants, and your challenges to get to the right home warranty solution.

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