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Raise resident satisfaction. Lower operating costs. HomePRO Rental Property Protection safeguards against unplanned expenses and streamlines repairs for home systems and appliances so residents – and property managers – can relax.

Why It's Worth It

Easier To Budget

HomePRO Rental Property Protection takes the guesswork out of budgeting for repairs by covering the most common rental home systems and appliances.

No Approval Needed

With a $0 deductible, when a resident requests service, the issue can be addressed quickly, and fully, eliminating the cumbersome approval process.

Vendor Compliance

Vetting vendors is complicated. HomePRO’s nationwide network of approved vendors diminishes that burden. If you want to keep using your own vendors, we can do that too!

Resident Satisfaction

Our rapid response times and quality customer service empower residents to live like homeowners. They can contact HomePRO and schedule repairs anytime.

Reduced Risk

Happier residents, more proactive repairs, and fewer contractual relationships with vendors all lead to one result – better risk management & fewer claims.

Supports Growth

Our extensive vendor network, 24/7 answering capabilities, and fixed cost pricing model gives property managers more options when it comes to scaling their business.

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What's covered?

How We Compare

PWSC The Rest
Coverage for Property Managers PWSC offers the only warranty program designed specifically for property managers. Other programs exclude commercial applications, and some exclude rental homes entirely.
Seamless Repairs Our program includes additional protocols if elements of a repair are not covered by the warranty, ensuring residents won’t be left waiting for repair approval or another vendor appointment to get their system or appliance up and running again.
Vendor Customization Our nationwide vendor network includes 25,000+ vetted, licensed and insured vendors. We can also add your own trusted vendors to our network, and call them first when your residents submit a request.
Workmanship Guarantees Slow response times and poor workmanship cause major frustration for you and your residents. PWSC protects your reputation from these issues with response time and workmanship guarantees.
No Tricky Exclusions Our coverage includes items that are commonly excluded from other programs (ex: ice makers and AC refrigerant).
No Deductible PWSC empowers your residents to make direct requests and expedites repairs by eliminating the need to wait for approval. $0 deductible means no need to approve repairs and repair costs.

Why It Works

Home Warranty Expertise

PWSC’s team of experts know homes and warranties better than anyone. Our decades of construction experience, thorough communication, and flexible options make us more than a warranty provider. We are a true partner.

Thoughtful Execution

Traditional warranty programs begin and end with what’s covered and what’s not. With HomePRO’s options for non-covered repairs, build-to-rent warranty administration, and after-hours customer service, what’s covered is only the beginning.

Cost Control

Unexpected repairs can pop up any time, making the budget a real challenge for property managers and their clients. HomePRO provided coverage for approximately 80% of all resident repair needs, taking a giant question mark off of your variable costs.

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Whether you are a builder, property manager, insurance agent, or homeowner, our team of home experts is available to discuss your needs, your wants, and your challenges to get to the right home warranty solution.

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