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Five Homebuilder Trends for 2023: Did PWSC’s Predictions Pan Out?

Following a historic 2022 in residential construction, PWSC assembled Five Homebuilder Trends for 2023 to kick off the new year. Now with 2024 just a …

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Risk Mitigation for Property Managers Part III: Vendor-Related Claims

In the third of our three-part series on risk mitigation for property managers, we address strategies to prevent the use of third-party vendors from becoming …

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Risk Mitigation for Property Managers Part II: Habitability Claims

$1.6 million. The amount a California court awarded one family for a habitability claim…

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Risk Mitigation for Property Managers Part I: Proactive Maintenance

It is an all-too-familiar occurrence to hear about property managers who relied on insurance only to find their coverage does not apply…

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Prevent Home Maintenance Woes from Sizzling Your Summer

Summer is finally here! Warmer temperatures mean memorable vacations, manicured lawns, and time by the pool. This time of year also often means a bit …

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Legal Update: New Laws in Florida and Texas

Florida and Texas have signed new bills into effect recently. In both cases, the changes create new opportunities for home builders to reduce risk. Use …

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Four Ways Home Warranties Help Control Builder Costs

The best word for describing the 2023 economy may be “uncertain.” Inflation is still high. The Fed has everyone guessing on interest rates. Some U.S. …

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PWSC Appoints Paul Weckerly as President and CEO

Promotion Supports PWSC’s Legacy of Homebuilding and Risk Management Expertise [Chantilly, VA, June 8, 2023 ] – Professional Warranty Service Corporation (PWSC) today announced the …

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Avoid Spring ‘Breaks’ with These Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is primetime for new homeowners to call builders requesting repairs. People emerge from a season indoors to find winter left its mark on their …

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Builder’s Risk Insurance 101: What You Need to Know

Let’s start with a quiz. Q: A broken water pipe floods several nearly finished units in a multi-story condominium project. Does a builder’s commercial general …

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A Buyer's Guide to Home Warranties

A Buyer's Guide to Home Warranties​

Helping Home Builders, Property Owners, and Managers Select the Right Warranty Provider and Plan.