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Insurance-Backed Home Warranties: Trick or Treat?

If you’re looking for a good horror story this Halloween, the home warranty industry has plenty of them. Denied claims. Hidden fees. Bad service…

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PWSC’s Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Website Sales

…Today, the playing field has changed, and the competition is heating up for home builders. For more than half of all buyers, searching online marks the first step toward purchasing a home.

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Five Residential Construction Trends for 2022: A Mid-Year Review

Following a wild 2021 in the home building and real estate markets, PWSC assembled “Five Residential Construction Trends for 2022” to kick off the new year. Now more than halfway to 2023, we thought this was a good time to revisit those predictions.

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PCF Insurance Services Acquires Specialty MGA Professional Warranty Service Corporation

PCF Insurance Services (PCF), a top 20 U.S. insurance brokerage firm, announced today its acquisition of Professional Warranty Service Corporation (PWSC)…

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PWSC Launches Industry’s First Warranty Designed for Build-to-Rent Homes

In a first for the warranty industry, PWSC recently launched a program specifically for build-to-rent homes. The program adds 10 years of structural protection to PWSC’s industry leading system and appliance service contract…

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Happy Renters

What Do Single-Family Home Renters Want? 2022 Edition

More people—of all ages and incomes—want to focus on flexibility and freedom versus the financial burdens of mortgages and maintenance. But they still want all the benefits having their own home provides.

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Risk Management Matrix Chart

3 Ways Home Builders Can Evaluate Market Risk

The building outlook for the remainder of 2022 and start of 2023 is sending some mixed signals. New home starts and prices posted slight decreases in recent months, but Freddie Mac reports a shortage of about 3 million homes in the United States currently.

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What Do Buyers Want from Builders? 2022 Edition

…Those willing and able to tailor their products and services can tap into a buyer pool vastly underserved in today’s market.
The key is unlocking what today’s buyers really want.

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Build-to-Rent: A Look at the Trend Taking Over New Home Construction

Build-to-Rent: A Look at the Trend Taking Over New Home Construction

There is a buzz in the home construction industry and it isn’t just the sound of power saws. One topic has everyone talking—build-to-rent (BTR) single-family …

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Covering Your Assets: How Liability Insurance and Structural Warranties Work Together

Covering Your Assets: How Liability Insurance & Structural Warranties Work Together

Misconceptions among builders regarding commercial general liability (CGL) policies and structural warranties are common. The misunderstanding we hear most is “Insurance covers it all.”

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A Buyer's Guide to Home Warranties

A Buyer's Guide to Home Warranties​

Helping Home Builders, Property Owners, and Managers Select the Right Warranty Provider and Plan.