Insurance-Backed Warranties

Meet homeowner expectations and boost your reputation without breaking the bank. PWSC’s 2-10 warranties offer 10 years of financial security and protection against workmanship, materials, and structural defects with A-rated insurance coverage.

Why It Works


Get more homeowners to the closing table when you provide a 10-year insured builder’s warranty backed by A-rated insurance. That’s the kind of confidence your buyers are looking for as they make their largest life purchase.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Lower costs don’t equate to lower customer satisfaction scores. Our construction experts help educate homeowners and set expectations on repair needs and the process, allowing for better understanding and increased customer satisfaction.

Dispute Resolution Process

With an express warranty as part of your purchase and sales process, you set clear expectations upfront, leading to fewer escalated claims and faster resolution without litigation.

Specific Standards

PWSC examines all claims against specific building standards and tolerances built into the warranty. That means only true defects require builder action and education helps homeowners understand why.

Risk Transfer

PWSC’s insurance provider covers the bill for specified structural defect repairs for up to 10 years. In addition, the 10-Year Insured Warranty will remain in place, even if the home is sold, providing a valuable homeowner resale tool.

Third-Party Expertise

PWSC offers more than 100 combined years of homebuilding expertise. We have hired the industry’s best talent from the most reputable builders to bring industry knowledge and experience to everything we do.


Tailored Solutions With Your Budget In Mind

Combine with...


Say “goodbye” to the hassles of first and second-year claims calls. Offer real-time, white-glove concierge care for addressing homebuyer questions, concerns, and issues. PWSC offers two levels of FirstLink service. Through our partnership with BBSG, we can go beyond call handling to coordinate subcontractor response. Get in touch to learn more.

System & Appliance Warranties

What's Covered?

How We Compare

PWSC The Rest
A-Rated Insurance PWSC’s warranties include real, A-rated insurance policies from Zurich, naming the builder. Other programs are backed by risk retention groups.
Defense Coverage Along with real insurance comes a duty to defend. PWSC policies include defense coverage that other programs cannot offer.
Clear Expectations PWSC’s warranty language includes clear and measurable standards that help builders and homeowners understand exactly what should be covered. Other programs use vague terms like “unsafe”, “unsanitary”, and “unlivable” to define covered structural failures, leaving room for interpretation.
Flat-Rate Arbitration The only potential cost to a homeowner in PWSC’s program is an $80 filing fee for arbitration. Other programs require arbitration fees and processing costs to be shared between both parties, resulting in an average expense of $750 for the homeowner.
No Homeowner Deductible No PWSC program ever includes a deductible for homeowners. We believe this creates a barrier between builders and buyers that can delay or even prevent resolving a dispute. Other programs include a homeowner deductible or claims filing fee averaging about $300.
No Start-Up Fees