Builder's Risk Insurance

PWSC now offers builder’s risk insurance! This is not just any builder’s risk program. Our A-rated, admitted, quick and easy-to-obtain policies come with unique coverages and competitive rates, including warranty package discounts. 

Why It's Worth It

Flexible Terms

Builder’s risk insurance from PWSC allows for return of unearned premiums if a project is finished early. And, if the project is running behind, extensions are guaranteed too!

Special Coverages

Our policies offer special broad form coverage, including risks that are excluded by other builder’s risk programs. There are no exclusions for water damage with PWSC.


With a rapid underwriting process and limited reporting requirements, our experts know what home builders really need out of their builder’s risk program and how to make it simple.

Protection for All

Builder's risk insurance protects the builder's and the homeowner's financial interest. PWSC's policies even include extra protection for homes in inventory.

Meets Lender Requirements

When you need to obtain proof of coverage quickly for a lender, PWSC’s program is ready to help with cost effective, easy-to-obtain coverage and fast approval decisions.

Complements Your Warranty

Our builder’s risk insurance dovetails with our structural warranty programs, creating seamless coverage on the home from breaking ground and through the statute of repose.


Tailored Solutions With Your Budget In Mind

Combine with...

Insurance-Backed Warranties

System & Appliance Warranties

How We Compare

PWSC The Rest
A-Rated, Admitted, Insurance
Special Broad Form Coverage Instead of listing what's covered, our policies cover everything unless it's excluded. We have no restrictions around water damage, intrusion, or overflow.
Project Extension Guarantee Every PWSC policy includes an option to extend the term by at least 6 months. This protects builders from losing coverage or experiencing major rate increases when a project falls behind schedule.
Coverage for Homes in Inventory
Replacement Cost
Co-Insurance Waived
Package Discounts Available with PWSC Warranty Programs