Single-Family Rental Warranties

Increase resident satisfaction and operational efficiency. Decrease risk exposure. HomePRO Rental Property Protection safeguards against unplanned expenses and streamlines repairs for home systems and appliances so residents – and property owners – can relax.

Why It Works

Thoughtful Execution

Warranty programs usually focus on direct-to-consumer service, but HomePRO is uniquely designed to be user-friendly for everyone from the largest institutional property management company to the individual resident.

Customer Focused

Our top priority is making things right for your residents, and doing it quickly! We’ve introduced features like our “Fix-It Funding” to help ensure repairs can be completed, even when they’re not covered by HomePRO.

Support for Growth

With nationwide coverage and a vast vendor network, HomePRO brings consistency to the repair process. Our national presence makes it easier to grow into new markets and provide those residents with great service from day one.

Risk Reduction

HomePRO Rental Property Protection is a powerful risk management tool. Designed specifically for rental homes, HomePRO limits exposure to habitability claims and vendor related claims.

Flexible Workflows

PWSC makes it easy to implement and integrate HomePRO with existing processes and systems. There are options to tailor everything from set-up and payment to ongoing reporting.

Cost Control

Unexpected repairs can pop up any time, making the budget a real challenge for property owners and investors. HomePRO covers many common resident repair needs, improving cost predictability.

How We Compare

PWSC The Rest
Coverage for Property Managers PWSC offers the only warranty program designed specifically for property managers and institutional investors. Other programs exclude commercial applications, and some exclude rental homes entirely.
Seamless Repairs Our Fix-it Funding feature handles components that are not covered by the warranty, ensuring residents won’t be left waiting for repair approval or another appointment to get their system or appliance up and running again.
Vendor Customization Our nationwide vendor network includes 25,000+ vetted, licensed and insured vendors. We can also add your own trusted vendors to our network, and call them first when your residents submit a request.
Workmanship Guarantees PWSC protects your reputation from slow response times and poor repair quality with detailed SLA’s and workmanship guarantees.
Clearly Defined Coverage Our coverage includes items that are commonly excluded from other programs, and we make it easy to understand what’s covered and what’s not.
No Deductible Our $0 deductible plan means there is no need to wait for approval on repairs and repair costs.


Tailored Solutions With Your Budget In Mind

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What's Covered?

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Combine with...

Fix It Funding - Repair main smiling

Fix-It Funding

Even the broadest warranty coverage won’t cover every circumstance a service provider encounters. With Fix It Funding, automatic approval and funding is established for non-covered items associated with covered claims, allowing service providers to complete repairs without delay.

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