‘Fall’ in Love with Home Maintenance This Season

‘Fall’ in Love with Home Maintenance This Season

There’s a nip in the air. Leaves are starting to turn. And it’s the season for pumpkin spice everything! Fall has officially arrived! Consider this your quarterly reminder to help homeowners from “falling” behind on preventative maintenance. Football games versus furnace checks and warm soup instead of weatherstripping can ruin the season—and have you as the builder fielding preventable repair requests. Luckily, you can help homeowners proactively “squash” many common maintenance headaches.  

We’ve prepared this article for you to share with homeowners full of autumn home maintenance tips. These easy actions will help them maintain a “beauti-fall” home while “carving” out plenty of time for a fun season. For additional tips and recommendations, include PWSC’s Fall Home Maintenance Checklist.

Want to offer buyers even more time to enjoy hayrides and the holidays? Add a HomePRO system and appliance warranty as an additional valuable home protection. 


Cooler temperatures. Colorful leaves. Cozy sweaters. Fall has arrived! As you turn up the thermostat, it’s time to do the same on seasonal preventative home maintenance. Just a few proactive tasks can save serious wear and tear on your home.

Before you start picking out the perfect pumpkin, here’s a few home maintenance items you “autumn” know about.


  • Schedule a fall furnace check-up with your local HVAC technician. When units sit dormant for several months, issues can go undetected. An annual HVAC tune-up ensures the furnace is working properly by inspecting and cleaning all parts. The technician should test for carbon monoxide as well. The service averages around $100. While you’re at it, check the furnace manufacturer’s warranty. Many require annual tune-ups to maintain the protection.

Smoke Detectors

  • Clocks and smoke detector batteries get changed every six months, so let Daylight Savings Time be your guide. Do not wait for the “chirp.” A survey by Kidde found 33% of homeowners wait a day or more to replace a smoke detector battery after the alert. Another 7% indicate they are more likely to disconnect the battery than have a new one ready. Even a few minutes without working detectors could result in the loss of your home or a loved one. While replacing the batteries, clear out any dust and test the alarms.

Walkways and Driveways

  • If your sidewalks and driveways could talk, cracks would let you know they need some TLC. Cracks are normal as pavement ages and weather takes its toll. However, if left unrepaired, cracks will spread, widen, and deepen eventually creating safety hazards and requiring more expensive repairs. A quick, quality fix today can save thousands of dollars in the future.


  • The leaves are beautiful on the trees and ground—not in your gutters. Leaf clogs lead to water retention and home damage. Wet leaves also weigh down gutters and can cause them to pull away from the roof. If left through the winter, ice dams are likely that can permanently damage gutters, soffit, and fascia.


  • As people head indoors for the season, so do pests and rodents. Inspect your home for any gaps that critters can use to take up residence. Seal up cracks and holes. A mouse can fit through an opening as thin as a quarter. Keep clutter under control. Wood piles next to a home and any drips or leaks inside the house can also attract unwelcome guests.


  • If you’re building your bank account for the holidays, weatherstripping is a great way to save money. Estimates show fixing air leaks around your home with weatherstripping and caulk can average a 7.5% savings on your annual energy bill.


  • Nothing beats cozying up next to the fireplace in the fall. However, be careful what you burn. Never put wrapping paper or pine boughs in the fireplace. Embers can escape through the chimney igniting your roof or the neighbor’s. That will quickly put you on the holiday naughty list.

Avoid “falling” behind on home maintenance this season. “Carve” out a little extra time to keep your home pumpkin spice and everything nice to close out the year.


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