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Claims – Builder Warranty

Thank you for contacting Professional Warranty Service Corporation (PWSC).

Your request is important to us and we want to ensure business continuity to the highest level as possible.  However, our staff is working remotely and due to COVID-19, you may experience a delay in response.  We will make every effort to respond to your email requests and phone calls, as soon as possible.  We appreciate your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.

Should you need to speak with a PWSC Claims Representative, you may contact us at 800.850.2799 Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8am – 7pm EST.


For all Claims questions or comments or perceived issues, please complete the information below.

  1. Please fill out the details for a single perceived Construction Defect/Deficiency, only providing information on that one issue. You will be asked to provide a photo and specifics on that item.
  2. If you have other issues to submit, you may click “Yes” at the bottom to identify an additional Construction Defect/Deficiency to report.  You may submit up to three issues per single Claim submission.

SUPPORT INQUIRIES should be submitted via the Customer Support page.