Crazy 4 U: What Builders ‘Love’ About PWSC

Crazy 4 U: What Builders ‘Love’ About PWSC

Valentine’s Day has us feeling the love. While indulging on a few of the 8 billion conversation hearts produced every year with their unique sayings, we started wondering…

What messages would builders partnering with PWSC send us?

So, we asked. The responses have us feeling the candy equivalent of “I ♥ YOU.” Builders could have mentioned our warranty options and left it there. But they went a step further. They said “THANK U” for PWSC’s service and value-added features. We consider that the best compliment—and brand differentiator—possible.  

In the spirit of the holiday, we translated builder feedback about PWSC into candy heart messages. Their input has us on “CLOUD 9.”


PWSC offers a full suite of warranty solutions:

  • Insurance-backed warranties – give builders 10 years of financial security and protection against workmanship, materials, and structural defect claims with A-rated insurance coverage.
  • Builder-backed warranties – provide PWSC’s professional warranty administration to help builders and homeowners resolve warranty disputes without litigation.
  • System & appliance warranties– complement manufacturer and builder coverages to safeguard homes against unexpected, expensive breakdowns and malfunctions.

Each warranty delivers important protections and peace of mind. That creates opportunities for which every builder is a “BIG FAN”: more sales.

“The 10-year warranty PWSC provides increases our sales by adding value for the buyer of our homes. The materials help homebuyers understand the warranty and make them feel comfortable with the provided coverage.” – Jeff Jaschinski, CFO and co-owner, Encore Homes  


The PWSC team has more than 100 years of combined home construction expertise. Our company employs builders, attorneys, and risk management professionals with extensive knowledge of the industry. We proudly operate not just as a warranty provider, but as a go-to place for resources, answers, and homebuilder assistance.

“When questions arise and require extra support to fully answer, we connect with knowledgeable PWSC staff members that ensure a thorough explanation. This communication with the PWSC team has been really important over the years as we expanded into different product lines and locations.” – Stephanie Quesada, vice president of sales, Tucson Division, Miramonte Homes


Building standards vary across the U.S. For builders looking to grow their business, managing repairs against every unique standard is tough and time consuming.

PWSC makes it easy.

We inspect homeowner-submitted defects and determine if the issue falls outside performance standards and tolerances. Builders get the opportunity to offer a fair and reasonable plan when a home requires repair.

PWSC is a reliable, neutral third-party mediator who can offer an agreeable solution to both builders and homeowners with a specific claims resolution process. That makes PWSC’s program more than a warranty. It is a true litigation avoidance strategy.

“Oakwood Homes partners with PWSC to help us have a consistent homebuilder warranty across all our divisions. They help ensure we are compliant with local and state statutes and serve as an intermediary when we cannot reach an agreement with homeowners.” – Wesley Edwards, vice president of operations and customer experience, Oakwood Homes


Some warranty providers see their product as a piece of paper. At PWSC, we stand behind a promise to provide both strong warranty coverage and the high-quality service to back it up.

The promise also involves helping builder teams operate more effectively.

“The best part of working with PWSC is definitely its people.  Management has done an incredible job finding and retaining employees that care about customer service and their commitment to customers.” – Lori Robinson-Terry, insurance/risk manager, M/I Homes, Inc.

PWSC offers onsite and online training ensuring that everyone—from sales to customer care —communicates the right message to homeowners regarding the builder’s warranty. This includes helping homeowners appreciate the full value of the protection, reviewing best practices with warranty teams, and educating everyone on what constitutes a defect. No guesswork. No headaches. Homeowners receive superior service to maintain the quality and condition of their big investment.

“The PWSC team is always willing to meet with our staff to conduct training as needed. PWSC has even provided our sales teams with comprehensive marketing materials which have assisted our agents in the selling process.” – Julie Mastriani, president, Miramonte Companies


We are so grateful for all the love! We’re sending it right back out to our builders across the nation and the more than 1.7 million homes protected by PWSC warranties. From us to you, “XOXO.”


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