‘Home Alone’ Disasters Are No Match for HomePRO

‘Home Alone’ Disasters Are No Match for HomePRO

‘Tis the season for mishaps, malfunctions, and mayhem, especially when it comes to home ownership! According to Travelers Insurance, homeowner insurance claims spike 7% between Thanksgiving and Christmas every year.

Combine that seasonal chaos with the additional wear and tear put on a home’s systems and appliances during the holiday season that aren’t covered by insurance, and it’s easy to see how the fear of unexpected costs can prevent prospective buyers from committing to a new place to call home for the holidays.

A typical homeowner pays 1-4% of their home’s purchase price annually for repairs and maintenance. Adding these costs to an already growing pile of holiday receipts is enough to have anyone feeling “home alone” and in need of help. Of course your buyers have warranty protections in year one, but what happens when the safety net disappears and the dishwasher starts leaking? Plus, if your family has a Kevin McCallister, costs probably are even higher.

That makes PWSC’s HomePRO warranty the perfect gift for saying, “This is my house. I have to defend it.”

Appliance Antics

Let’s say a house full of guests are on their way when the refrigerator malfunctions, leaving behind a heap of spoiled holiday treats. That’s a major problem with 16 hungry mouths to feed before heading on Christmas vacation. HomePRO can help keep those holiday plans on track with coverage for major appliances. The warranty even covers the cost of replenishing the food, especially Kevin’s cheese pizza.

Plus, if they’re preparing to outsmart a couple of bungling burglars, they’ll need a working appliance to heat their “highly nutritious microwavable macaroni and cheese dinner.” Even for non-cheese lovers, HomePRO helps save that cheddar.

Basement Blunders and Furnace Fears

Have buyers that are afraid of the basement? We get it. “It’s dark, there’s weird stuff down there, and it smells funny.” If the problem comes from leaky pipes, HomePRO has the fix.

If the furnace is making noises like a demonic presence, that’s protected by the HomePRO warranty too. No furnace should have you running for cover.

And, when they get back from buying the “milk, eggs, and fabric softener,” HomePRO also makes sure the washer and dryer stay in working order.

Water Woes

A hectic holiday will have everyone wanting nothing more than to take a long shower. HomePRO makes sure that shower is a sure thing by taking care of the hot water heater and plumbing system. Plus, they’ll need working faucets to brush with that American Dental Association-approved toothbrush.

However, should the Wet Bandits flood the kitchen as their signature calling card, that’s an insurance issue. Sorry!

Parlez-vous Francais?

For most homeowners, understanding what to do about all these issues may have them feeling like “what the French call ‘les incompetents’.” Don’t worry. A HomePRO warranty comes with a top-notch customer service team able to diagnose issues and offer support. PWSC’s experts address most claims within 48 hours through a national network of highly skilled technicians.

Just to be clear, Harry and Marv’s Oh-Kay Plumbing is not a qualified vendor.

So, when a system fails or an appliance needs repaired, we’ll get it done before the family even gets home (working around Buzz’s tarantula not included).

Protect Your Buyers—and the Holidays—with HomePRO

Staying at home this holiday season doesn’t need to be an adventure. A HomePRO systems and appliance warranty protects against mechanical failures and malfunctions.

HomePRO’s affordable price and comprehensive coverage saves builders and homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements every year. The value may even have you saying, “Keep the change, ya filthy animal.”

Before the next time you scream “KEVIN!” learn how HomePRO can help.

Best wishes for a junk-food-filled, rubbish-watching, easy-on-the-Pepsi holiday season!


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