Show your Appliances some LOVE!

March 3, 2016

Show your appliances some loveEven though Valentine’s Day is was a few weeks ago, it is not too late to show some love to your home or even to your most used household appliances. Whether it is oiling, cleaning or tuning up a few of these items, make it a priority. They will last longer and work better!

Do you have a juicer, blender or food processor that you use on a regular basis? Besides throwing it in the dishwasher, when was the last time you gave these guys a good clean? electric blender

Gunk builds up over time in the base of these items making them sticky. This build up can eventually cause them to run slower. If this is happening, then it is time to take them apart and give them a good clean. Whether it is soaking parts in water to loosen up any food that may have hardened or just getting a sponge and cleaning them down, take the time to do it. DO NOT forget to always unplug them before cleaning them!!! If you aren’t sure how to clean the appliance, then check online, most manufacturers have their instructions digitized so you can follow them. Oh and hint hint… if you go online to get the instructions go ahead and download the appliance manual to your Uplined account (there is a file for manuals, by the way) that way you will always have the information in safe keeping.

dirty shower head

Is your shower head starting to look like it is growing a few stalactites?

This is from mineral deposits and other fine things building up in the head while your water is flowing through for your shower.  These minerals can quickly build up and look – Gross! They can also be easily cleaned by soaking the shower head in vinegar. Just grab a plastic bag some rubber bands and some white vinegar. Pour the vinegar in the bag, attach it to the shower head with the rubber band and let it sit for about an hour. When it is done, remove everything and flush out the shower head with hot water for a minute or two then wipe it clean. (This works for faucets too.) If you have an extreme build up, you may need to remove the shower head and soak it for several hours in vinegar. This may require a plumber or a new unit, though, if you have an older shower head.

clean shower head

Ceiling fans work hard for you to keep the air flowing through your house. When was the last time you cleaned your fan’s blades?

Dirty Ceiling fan

Dust attracts to the blades like a magnet, so grab a dust rag, swifter or your vacuum and clean the blades before they get too heavy with the dust causing the blades to become off balance. Once you see how much dust is up there you will probably start to perform this task several times a year! After all, those particles are just bouncing around the air while you fan works in each room…..which means you are breathing in that dust.

All of these tasks will take less than an hour. After you have done one or all three, think about how great you and your appliances will feel… they may look as good as new again.


Guest Blog Post by Helen Reed, SEElogix


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