PWSC Retains Status as Cove Programs’ Only Pre-Approved Warranty Provider

PWSC Retains Status as Cove Programs’ Only Pre-Approved Warranty Provider

CHANTILLY, VA – July 29, 2021- Cove Programs confirmed the selection of Professional Warranty Service Corporation as its only endorsed warranty program for builders. PWSC represents the industry’s sole company meeting both Cove’s warranty and claims tracking requirements. The long-standing partnership between the two entities fulfills the risk management needs of builders while delivering a better experience to home buyers.

PWSC stands as the most comprehensive warranty service offering in the residential construction sector. Part of the unique offering includes ClearView Risk Services, which goes beyond the warranty document. This risk management package adds a level of confidence for builders and homeowners alike by resolving legitimate warranty issues quickly and preventing illegitimate claims from escalating. ClearView then integrates onsite evaluations with industry experts, cutting-edge litigation avoidance tools, and its proprietary insurance claims management program. The service takes care of homeowners, protects builders, and provides insurers with a clear view of timely and reliable claims data.

“Cove and PWSC have worked together since our company’s inception almost 10 years ago. We refine our products in tandem to offer the best protections for builders and home buyers. The fact that PWSC designed ClearView Risk Services in collaboration with Cove’s leadership shows the power and commitment of this long-term relationship,” said George Dale, Managing Director of Cove Programs Insurance Services.
Recent iterations of PWSC’s preferred program include a more accessible warranty document for users aligned with Cove guidelines. PWSC created an easier process for warranty dispute resolutions with the added benefit of onsite expert evaluations and mediations. The service also now includes property title tracking to keep subsequent homeowners enrolled in the warranty program.

“We don’t just want to be the best warranty in the business. We want to be unique and create products that address the root cause of the problems our builders face. That is why our program continues where others end. PWSC is the first and only provider offering insurance claims management and property title tracking as part of our services. We set ourselves apart for entities like Cove Programs by simplifying, standardizing, and staying ahead of the needs of builders and homeowners,” said Tyler Gordy, President and CEO of PWSC.
An aspect of PWSC’s program that remains unchanged are its builder performance standards.

“PWSC is committed to elevating the industry with high expectations for quality and service. Our performance standards, as well as our overall program, are written by builders with more than a century of combined expertise. While our product offerings may evolve, our commitment to excellence never will,” said Paul Weckerly, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for PWSC.
Another hallmark of PWSC’s products includes its status as the only provider offering an insured warranty option backed by a carrier with an A+ rating. It is this critical differentiator that has made PWSC the trusted choice of other home builders’ insurance programs as well.

About Professional Warranty Service Corporation
PWSC is nationally recognized as a risk management partner in the home building industry, protecting more than 1.7 million homes from America’s top builders through warranty programs. As the housing market continues to evolve, so does PWSC. With nearly a century of combined in-house builder experience with multiple top ten builders, the PWSC team is uniquely positioned to lead the charge in offering groundbreaking, comprehensive risk management solutions to the residential construction and real estate industries. Find more information at

About Cove Programs
Cove Programs, an Optio Company, is an independently owned provider of quality insurance products. Cove’s two companies formed in 2011 and have operations in London as an MGA and in California as a US Surplus Lines Intermediary. Cove Program Underwriting is an approved Lloyd’s Coverholder with underwriting authority and backed by Best’s AXV rated insurers. In addition to underwriting services, Cove Programs offers industry-leading claims analysis, loss control, and risk-engineering services. Find more information at


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